Egress S No. 01

Archival pigment prints on Hahnemuhle Ultra Smooth Matte
19 x 19 inch print (image size 16 x 16 inches) edition of 3
58 X 58 inch print (image size 55 x 55 inches) edition of 1

The Egress and Gates series are about portals. Cracks and gaps infer the possibility of movement through and forward - coming and going. The intention is to allure by inferring something different or new lies in the blur or mist beyond a portal. The architectural forms are without hinges, latches or locks alluding to ease of passage without restriction and to the impermanence of the space. The geometric arrangements suggest passageways symbolic of moving onward and into the unknown.  In the Egress images there is an opening between two planes (panels, doors or shutters) in which the viewer is enticed to view beyond to an unrevealed space. It is an invitation to ponder the possibility of what lies on the other side illuminated with light or mysteriously in darkness or ambiguity of blur if the case may be. It is unclear whether the doors or gates lead to another realm or if they represent a passageway from inside to outside or outside to inside. There is no understanding or indication of what lies ahead is different or the same. But like the moth is attracted to light, it is the intention to draw the viewer in for a closer look.