Stereo Eclipse No. 01

Archival pigment print on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag
39 x 23 inches (image size 32 x 16 inches) edition of 3

By conjoining the Mono Eclipse images into duplex pairs, the Stereo Eclipse series resembling woofer and tweeter speaker components evolved. This work has caused me to think about how we might visualize sound. Color combinations resonate quietly, or pulsate as hues blend into each other and radiate kinetically. The exploration into these series is on-going and the evolution imminent and possibilities are infinite.

The Stereo Eclipse series is based on color interaction and represents an exercise in meditation both in the creation of the singular images, viewing them on the computer, and in their final realization as prints. The hypnotic effects and depth of field created by color relationships have been implemented based on the theories of Josef Albers and his observations about color interaction. I combine the aesthetics of atmospheric blur with hard edge minimalism, layering of light and darkness with planet-like circles to create eclipses - a metaphor for being in the background, foreground or periphery. Color combinations create a range of subtle to turbulent pulsation giving the images a rhythm and kineticism. The bifurcation of the plane by conjoining pairs ("Stereo Eclipses") and creating a distinct top and bottom to the images references sound as in the woofer and tweeter configuration of a speaker and embellishes the dynamic minimalism. Alluding to an audible component with the "woofer and tweeter" composition, the Stereo Eclipses are silently alive with sound the viewer might imagine.