Mono Eclipse No. 25

This series concerns the shift in identity as an artist's agent in a supportive role to making my own art; it was a direct response to the disengagement with an artist whose career I launched and promoted for seven years. The eclipses represent the intensity of my energy illustrated in the backgrounds as a supportive yet unseen force. I seek a depth and poignant balance between mysterious atmospheric blur alluding to something in the background (self) and the punctuation of hard edged definition of the circle in the foreground (eclipsing self). As my intentions vary, colors are juxtaposed to create a disruption and reflect moods ranging from solemnity to exhilaration.

I continue to explore the circular form and targets, diagrams, solar systems, eclipses, retinas, cells and the minutia of subatomic particles at the root of quantum mechanics may all come to mind as I produce artwork but my focus remains conceptually and geometrically fixated on the dynamics of relationships and coming to terms with the shift from a background to foreground position. Symbolically, the circle or sphere represents the notions of totality, wholeness, original perfection, the Self, eternity, timelessness, and all cyclic movement. Circles imply the idea of time cycles, the perpetual motion of everything that moves the planets' journey around the sun, the sun itself, and the generalized rhythm of the infinite universe without beginning or end. The Mono Eclipse series is imbued with harmony and tension; circles block  the background but subtle shadows or glowing auras on the periphery allude to something vital concealed in the dimensional space beyond.