Dual Echo No. 01

Archival pigment prints on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Bright White
20 x 38 inches (image size 18 x 36 inches) edition of 3
40 X 76 inches (image size 36 x 72 inches) edition of 3

The Dual Echoes series which is based on color interaction is about balance and equilibrium as much as it is about the visualization of sound (two opposing echoes). Color and graphic combinations create an ocular vibration analogous to sonic reverberation. The bifurcation of the plane by conjoining pairs creates a distinct and equal left and right side to the images references two opposing echoes with an uncertain origin of sound. Combined aesthetics of atmospheric blur with hard edge minimalism, layering of light and darkness with concentric circles move the eye like rings of sonic waves moving through space. Although the left and right halves of the picture are opposing one another, there is a harmony in their relationship and a balance as if the two echoes are equally significant and communicating and sharing a space. This reference to Yin and Yang illustrates a complementary configuration of (rather than opposition) resulting in pairs forming a whole which is greater than the assembled parts.