Jules Olitski (Paul Kasmin Gallery): Angel Belly, 1991 water-based acrylic  on canvas (mitt painting) 46 1/4 x 66 inches. Placed with a Private Collector (NY)

Advised art collectors and interior design professionals on the purchase of artwork. Global relationships with galleries, private dealers and working directly with artists’ inventory and commissions. Artwork placements include works by: Joseph Albers, Norman Bluhm, Malcolm Bray, Alexander Calder, Gregory Coates, Freidel Dzubas, Terri DeLapp, Azima Kaoru, Sam Francis, Roy Lichtenstein, Chris Mccaw, David Mitchell, Julian Olitski, Elise Morris, Meredith Pardue, Steven Pentak, Mark Perry, Vita Petersen, Ron Rumford, Doug and Mike Starn, Warren Seelig, Bernar Venet, Vaclav Vytlacil, Andy Warhol, George Whitley